Thursday, 2 June 2016

How to lock MiUi Apps to avoid people to peep into private Conversation/chat?

What is MiUi:- MiUi stands for Mi user interface and pronounced as “Me You I”; it is a play on the common abbreviation of the words user interface as UI. It is developed by Xiaomi Tech, & it is a stock and aftermarket firmware for Smartphones and tablet computers based on the Google Android operating system. 

This App is written in C, C++, and Java language. It is an open source with closed source components, initially released 5 years ago. Some interesting facts regarding MiUi is following:-

Marketing target: Firmware replacement for Android mobile device; stock firmware for mobile devices

Available in 32 languages; vary by country

Package manager: Google Play (excludes Mainland China)/Market/ Mi Appstore (mainland China)/ APK

Platforms:- 32-bit ARM, MIPS, x86, x64

Kernel type:- Monolithic, modified Linux kernel

Default user Interface: GUI (Multi-touch)

Official website:-   

Latest release :- Stable 7.3 (China) & 7.3 (Global)

How to lock MiUi:- MiUi has awesome feature of LOCKING up your Apps to avoid people to peep into our WhatApp, messenger, gallery etc. Though it is very common facility in any smartphone but in Mi, you needn’t to download any 3rd party App Locker from play store to get your apps locked. MiUi has inbuilt facility to lock your apps by using Lock Apps. If you want to Lock Apps In MIUI 6, then follow the following steps:-

STEP1:- Go to the phone SETTING and tap on the SECUTIRY to follow the next step.

SETP2:- Now from the security screen tap on the “PRIVACY PROTECTION” to lock your apps.

STEP3:- Once you in the privacy protection page, click on the “PRERMISSION” toggle and it will prompt you to set the “pattern lock” to lock the apps. Enter the pattern lock here to lock the apps.

STEP4:- After the lock pattern, go back to the Privacy Protection page and tap on the “LOCK APPS” option and select the apps which you want to lock.

STEP5:- Now the App is lock protected and no one can open the application without unlocking the pattern. Next time when you try to open the App you have to draw pattern to unlock the app. Without the password lock no one can open the app and setting of your phone.